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Rescheduling MYSL Travel Games

For questions or help with rescheduling a game, please reach out to your WYSA Age Director.

a) When a team cannot play a scheduled league game for legitimate reasons, the coach shall prove in writing, with significant documentation to the satisfaction of the MYSL Age Director, that fewer than eleven (11) players (Nine (9) players for Grade 5/6 or seven (7) players for Grade 3/4) will be available.

i) A coach should know his/her players’ availability for the whole season; ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse. Legitimate reasons may include, but not be limited to:

• graduation,
• sanctioned invitational tournament,
• school trip, or
• religious activity.

ii) Lack of players due to a vacation is not a legitimate reason to reschedule a game.

b) Notification of the need to reschedule must be given to the MYSL Age Director and the opposing coach at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled game date or within two (2) days after the reason for rescheduling appears or is known.  

c) For Spring Season games, the league referee assignor must be notified by the Age Director at least 48 hours in advance of a rescheduled game’s date. (Exemption: Memorial Day weekend games MUST be rescheduled and played prior to Memorial Day.)

i) Rescheduled games must be made up in advance of the scheduled date except with the permission of the MYSL Age Director.
ii) If the reason for rescheduling appears within the two weeks prior to the game date, the MYSL Age Director will set a reasonable deadline.
iii) If the HOME coach reschedules the game, he/she must give three (3) reasonable dates on which the game may be made up.
iv) If the AWAY coach reschedules the game, the HOME coach will set the make-up date.
v) The MYSL Age Director will arbitrate and decide on any disagreements.

d) If the coach who wants to reschedule violates any part of this Rule, the opposing coach may claim a forfeit. The final decision will rest with the MYSL Age Director.

If you are the home team a few additional steps are required:

Before starting the official rescheduling process as the home coach, be sure to send a note to the field schedule coordinator ( [email protected]) and copying your WYSA age director specifying your team number, the dates/times you are considering for your game, and the field you would like to use to verify that the field is available.  Wait for confirmation that you will be able to have the field on the dates and times you requested before officially offering those time slots to your opponent in SportsManager.  

After your reschedule request has been accepted by your opponent and approved by the league, you will receive an email from MYSL with a subject line similar to the following:

       APPROVED - Game #1234567 has been rescheduled to February 29, 2018

Forward that email to the field schedule coordinator ( [email protected]), travel coordinator, ( [email protected]), referee coordinator, ( [email protected]) and your WYSA age director to confirm that the field is clear for you and that referees are properly assigned.

There are a few additional guidelines to keep in mind as you reschedule home games:

  • On weeknights, you should reschedule your game as late as possible in order to allow visiting teams to travel to Westford.  Please start your games at 6:30 (or as late as sunlight will permit).
  • Choose your normally assigned practice night and field if possible to minimize the disruption to others.
  • Double-headers on Saturdays are possible, but make sure to coordinate with your WYSA age director and the WYSA travel coordinator before doing so.  The league will generally only allow Saturday makeups immediately before or after scheduled games on the same field to ensure referee coverage.
  • The league is highly unlikely to allow Sunday makeups for Grades 3-8, so avoid considering these unless all other possibilities have been exhausted.
  • Remember that we only have access to one field at Nutting on weeknights during the spring season, which alternates every other year (front field, which is #1, in even numbered years - back field, which is #2, in odd numbered years).  Both fields are available on weeknights during the fall season.
  • Westford Academy is not available on weeknights for makeups, nor is it available at all over graduation weekend.


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