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Westford Youth Soccer Association

Westford Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) is an independent, volunteer community service organization dedicated to promoting the sport of soccer for the boys and girls of Westford while fostering the ideals of good sportsmanship, fair play, teamwork and good health.  During the 2004-2005 fiscal year we fielded over 2200 players and 150 teams between our Fall and Spring seasons.  This is all done trying never to stray from our core values:

  • What is "best for the children" is best for WYSA!
  • Soccer is just a game
  • Children play soccer to have FUN!

WYSA's operations are totally self-funded; mainly through player registration fees with minor supplements from fundraisers such as banquets, team pictures and concession sales from the Jack Walsh Concession Shed.  No town taxes are utilized for WYSA operations.

WYSA does not exist or function without parents and other volunteers.  For the most part we are not professional coaches.  We are just parents volunteering to spend time with our children and other parent's children from our town, providing an opportunity for some growth and development and lots of fun along the way.

However, along with the fun side of a Coaches duty comes a serious responsibility.  WYSA trains all of its coaches in age-appropriate skills and tactics of the game of soccer.  WYSA provides comprehensive "Coaches Packets" outlining, guiding and providing supplemental information to ensure a high standard of quality soccer training.