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Sample Introductory eMail to Teams

Coaches frequently ask what they should include in their notifications to parents and players.  Following is a sample email template and an information sheet template that coaches can modify and use as they want.  When sending emails it is better to send multiple short emails than one long email.
Introductory E-Mail
Suggestion:  Send a reminder email before the first game with key reminders such as no coaching from the sidelines, no berating the referees, bring water, etc.

Hello and Welcome to GU10-T5
My name is XXXX and I will be coaching your daughters with the help of xxxxx.  XXXX amd I have both been coaching for the past 5 years and played soccer in high school and are looking forward to an exciting season of travel soccer!  We are team BU12-T6.
Please reply to this email so I know that you received it!
The first practice will be Monday, December 25th at 5:00 pm at Blanchard Middle School.  Please bring a ball, water, and shin guards (completely covered by soccer socks).
Please review the attached information sheet as it contains important information for the season.
See you on the pitch!
Coach Smith
home 978-xxxx-xxxx
Cell 978-xxx-xxxx

Information Sheet (click on links to download a template)
Sample Information Sheet -
In-Town Team Template
Sample Information Sheet - Travel Team Template
Suggestion:  Highlight key points in another color

Suggested Topics:

  • Ask Parents to respond to your email - anyone that you do not hear from should be telephoned

  • Coaches names and contact info

  • 1-2 sentences about coach's soccer background

  • How the coaches will communicate with the team

  • Team expectations

    • notify coaches when you will be missing a game or practice

    • players and spectators are responsible for cleaning up any trash before leaving the fields

    • keep pets on leashes and away from the sidelines

  • Team rosters  (no birthdates please)

  • Practices - days/times/what to bring

  • Games

    • days/times

    • what to bring (equipment requirements is listed on the WYSA website)

    • arrive at games xx minutes before games for warm-ups

    • travel teams - official schedule is on the MYSL website (link available on the team page)

  • Bad Weather - check email and the website.  We play and practice in the rain (and snow occasionally) provided conditions are safe for the players!

  • Required / recommended equipment for practices and games

    • no jewelry, casts, baseball cleats, socks must cover shin guards

  • Team Uniforms (uniform sale dates for travel teams, team shirts for in-town teams)

  • Important points to remember:

    • no parents behind the goals

    • U8 and older - parents are on the sideline opposite the team benches

    • Good sportsmanship!

    • remember - the referees are learning too - no berating or verbal assault of the referees

    • Applaud and cheer for good plays by either team / no coaching from the sidelines

    • have fun and learn!

  • Any rule changes from the lower age group to this one (e.g. U12 adds the off-side rule, ball size, length of games, etc.)

  • Keeper clinics (if applicable)