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Parent Instructions for Using WYSA Website

Dear Parents,

The WYSA website is an important communication tool for all WYSA teams.  Game schedules will be posted on the web site (or a link for travel game schedules) as well as information about field closings, skills clinics and other league activities.

The WYSA Home Page will have important league postings including general reminders, upcoming events and registration deadlines.  Please let us know if you have suggestions for other information we should include on the website or other ways we can improve the site by sending an email to .

You can use the "Contacts" tab to locate contact information for WYSA Division Directors and Board Members and the "Team Contacts" Tab for coach contact information.  Use the "Field Info" tab at the top of the page for directions to fields, field status (open/closed) and diagrams for Jack Walsh field.  Visit the "General Information," "Parent Resources" and "Player Resources" tabs for various links and resources. 

Use the tab labeled “Find My Team Page” for your team’s game and practice schedules and team notices.  (Note - for travel teams there is a link to the game schedule on the bulletins tab).  To access the team page: 
- Go to the WYSA Website (
- Click on the tab "Find My Team Page".  
- Across the top of the screen select the following from left to right:
- Season - the current season (e.g. Fall 2009)
- Age Group - select the appropriate age group (e.g. GU8 In-Town)
- Team - your team number (e.g. GU8-R4)

- The first page you see will be the Bulletins page.  Coaches will post notices for the team on this page.
- Click on Contacts to see the coaches and assistant coaches.  You can click on the envelope icon to send the coach an email
- Click on Schedule to see a list of events related to your team including games.  Note - most travel teams will not have their games listed here.  See the bulletins page for a link to the travel team schedules. 
- Calendar - see the list of events in a calendar format
- Results - depending on the age group your coach may post game results here
- Multi-Schedule - if you have multiple players in your family  you can select multiple teams and view a combined schedule.

If you checked the option to be reminded of games or practices you will receive an email the day before the event as a reminder.  You will only receive notices for events listed on the Schedule page.  If you did not select this option and would like to turn it on from the WYSA Home Page you can click on "Edit My Account" then click on your name.  At the bottom of the Participant Information screen you will see the options for "Email Reminders.

If you are not receiving emails you may have checked the "No Email" option or you may have unsubscribed to emails.  If you want to receive emails you can do the following:

Directions for Changing the No Email Flag (or to make other edits to your account)

- Go to the website:  www.westfordyouthsoccer.com

- click on "Edit my Account" at the bottom left of the home page

- login with your email address and password.  If you don't remember your password you can enter the email address and leave the password field blank and the system will send your password to your email address.  If your email address has changed you can click on the link to send an email to have the email address updated. 

- your family members will be listed

- click on the name of the person you want to update

- uncheck the "No Email" box

- if you want some email address to receive email uncheck the "No Email" box and delete any emails that you do not want receiving email

- you can also update any other information including email address, street address, telephone numbers, etc.

- click on "Submit"
- this will take you back to the list of family members and you can now update other family member's information
Adding Email Addresses or Updating Email Addresses

Emails that are sent to the teams are sent to all email addresses associated with the player (i.e. player and up to two guardians that are listed). Where there may be three or more adults that want to receive the emails one parent/guardian can have multiple email addresses separated with semicolons.  As an example if a player has two parents both of which have remarried they could have:
-player - player's email address
- Parent 1 - ;
- Parent 2 - ;

For a parent to edit their email address:
- go to the WYSA website:  www.westfordyouthsoccer.com
- click on "Edit My Account" on the lower left corner of the home page
- enter your email address and password (if you don't remember their password you can leave the password blank and the system will email the password)
- click on a family member's name, update the information, click on "Submit"
- this will take you back to the list of family members and you can now update other family member's information