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On the WYSA web site coaches have the ability to send team emails, view team rosters, and post bulletins for your teams.


To login to the WYSA website as a Coach you will use your email address and your password.  (You no longer have a separate password for each team.)   If you don't remember your password enter only your email address and leave your password blank.  The system will email you a link to reset your password.

To Log-in as a Coach: 
  • Go to the WYSA website www.westfordyouthsoccer.com
  • In the top right corner of the website click on the box that says "Sign IN+"
  • Enter your email address in the box on the left
    • If you did not enter your password correctly you will see "Please Log In" and a login box.  Reenter your name and password and click on Submit.
    • If you still are unable to login see troubleshooting below.
    • Then if you are still unable to login email   for assistance.
  • If you have logged in correctly in the top right corner you will see a welcome banner with your name, "Admin" and "Sign Out"
  • You can click on "Admini" to see the Admin menu bar.  You can perform functions from this page or from your team page.
    • If you can sign in but can not see your team's roster, check the following:
      • At the top right corner of the screen it should say "Welcome" and your name.  If it has your spouse's name your account has the same email address for both you and your spouse
      • To fix this either change one of the email addresses (best solution) or if this is not an option make sure that the password for your information has a different password from your spouse's account.  To update your information:
1.)  www.westfordyouthsoccer.com
2.)  If you have tried to log in click on the logout button on the top right of the screen
3.)  Locate "Edit My Account" in the bottom left of the screen and click on it
4.)  Login in with your email address and password (can be yours or your spouses')
5.)  The family members will be listed
6.)  Click on the name of the person to change
7.)  Update the email address and/or the password.  Note that the password has to be entered in two fields
8.)  Click on Submit
  • Now login at the top right of the screen with your new information and you should be all set.

The Team Manager's Manual provides more information on using the website.  To access the Team Manger's Manual click on "Administer" in the top right corner of the website (after logging in), go to the "Support" sub-menu and select "Manager's Manual."

The team page is the home page for your team with team postings and access to the roster (coaches only) and the team schedule. 

  • Click on "Teams" in the menu bar across the top of the page
  • If you do not see your team select the following in the drop down boxes across the top of the screen:
  • Season:  2013 Spring (or current season)
  • Age Group:  Age group you are coaching (e.g. U7)
  • Team:  Your team number (e.g. U7-R3)
  • Your Team Page then appears showing any Postings and the next 10 events for the team
  • The Roster tab will appear on the left of the page.
    • If you still don't see the roster tab sometimes you just need to clear the cache.  If you don't see the roster tab change the Age group drop down box at the top of the screen to something else - say GU10 Travel.  Select a team - GU10-T1.  Then go back and change the Age Group box back to your age group and then select your team.

You can create team postings on the team page.  Click on "Add a Team Bulletin" from your team page.  This will post a bulletin on the team page.  The message can also be emailed to the team by clicking on broadcast options.   Enter your name and email address and the title of the message.  Create your message and then verify that your team is selected in the "Recipient Teams" box.  If you would like the message to also be sent to the team check the box next to "Broadcast this message:".  Once your have completed your message click on Submit.

Your roster information is available by clicking on the "Roster" tab.  Please notify your age director if there are any errors.  If you send the roster to your team please do not include the players date of birth.

Click on "Administer" at the top right of the website.  Then under Members click on "Email Members."  On the right select the team that you are sending the email to and then click on "Find Members."  In the email form verify the "From" and "Reply to" fields and then enter your subject and the text of your message.

If you want to send the email to only a few team members click on "Edit Recipients" and uncheck any members that you do not want to receive the email, then click on Submit.

When you are finished composing your message click on Send.

EVENTS:  (Game Schedule). You can enter practices, games and other events.  For in-town teams your initial game schedule will be entered for you by the Division Director and then you can make changes in the event of make-ups. For travel teams the game schedule will be maintained on the MYSL website.  Once the schedules are available a link to the schedule will be posted on each travel teams bulletin page.  TO enter a game or practice go to your team page and then click on Schedule on the left.  Then click on "Options" then click on "Add a New Event." Complete the information and then click on Submit. 

Coaches can poll their players for attendance at future games and practices.  On the Team Schedule page you will see a "thumbs up" icon.  Click on this icon to view the attendance responses.  Initially all team members will be listed under the "No Response" column.  Each of the 3 columns (Attending, Not Attending and No Response) have an envelope icon.  Click on the icon in the Attending or Not Attending column to send an email to all members listed in that column.  Click on the icon in the "No Response" column to send/resend the RSVP email to any members listed in this column.

Click on the "Email No Response" button.  This will send an email to all team members with "I'm In"  and "I'm Out" buttons.  The players click on one of the two buttons in the email.  Their name will be moved to the appropriate column. 

If you know that a player will or will not be attending you can indicate their attendance by clicking on either the green thumbs up icon (for attending) or the red thumbs down icon (for not attending).

Please contact your age director or the registrar if you have any problems or questions using the web site.