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If this is the first time a family member has played for WYSA you will need to set up your familiy account.  You will only need to do this once.  For future registrations you will only have to login to your account.  You will first enter your information, then optionally add a second parent/guardian and then your child's information.

Click on the links below for additional information:
Mail-in Registration Form
Age Group Descriptions
Refund Policy
Age Group Eligibility

Step 1 - go to on-line registration,, for Registration Category select "Fall Player Registration" and scroll down to find the program that you want to register your child in.  (Click here to go to on-line registration.)

Step 2 - click on Begin Registration.  Then click on Continue.

Step 3 - you will now be asked to Sign in.   If you have never registered any of your children with WYSA you will need to create a new account.  If you receive emails from WYSA you already have an account on the system - please do not create a new one.

  • If you don't remember your password enter your email address and leave the password field blank.  The system will email your password to you.
  • If you need to create an account:
    • Enter your email  address only. The website will then email you a temporary password to use for sign in. You can later change your password to anything you like. 
    • Once you receive your password login with your email address and the password you just received.  Click on Sign in.  If you don't receive your password after a few minutes check your spam folder.
    • Enter information about yourself on the Guardian Information screen.  Even if you're registering a child for a program, we need to start with the ADULT's (YOUR) information.  You'll be able to enter one or more children later. 
    • Fields with a red asterisk "*" are required fields
    • Please do not check the "No Email" box.  If you check this box you will not receive any emails from WYSA including the email from your coach at the beginning of the season
    • Leave the ID field blank
    • Click on Submit when done
    • Step 6 - If you checked the box to add another parent or guardian you will see another screen for Guardian Information.  Complete this information for the second parent or guardian. 
    • When the Participant Information screen opens enter your child's information and click on Submit. 

STEP 4 - You'll see a list of family members.  Click on the GREEN ICON next to the player you are registering.  If it has a red icon that player is not eligible for the program you selected. 

STEP 5 - The first screen you see will be demographic info such as address, phone, email.  Verify the information, make any corrections and click on "Submit" at the bottom of the screen

STEP 6 - The second page is "Supplemental Information".  Complete the information on this form and click on "Submit Information".  This page has information on the players school, if they are a first time player, emergency contact information, acknowledgement of policies, etc. 

Step 7 - You will see the Registration Review screen.  You may now pay the registration fees or register another child.  If you choose to register another player it will take you back to the on-line registration page.  Select the program you are registering the second child for and click on Register and then on Continue.  You will then see the list of Family Members.  If this is a player new to WYSA click on the "Add Child" button and enter the information for this child.

Step 8 - Once you pay the registration fees you will receive a confirmation email and a payment receipt.  Your registration is not complete until the registration fees have been paid.


  • Wrong age group - If you feel your child should be in a different program than what is indicated by their date of birth please do not register them until you have contacted the appropriate age director to determine what age group they should be playing in.  (see Contacts).
  • Don't remember password - enter your email address in the login screen and leave the password blank and the system will email you the password.  If your email address has changed or you have other problems logging in for assistance. 
  • Player's date of birth or school grade is incorrect - If you see an error in the player's birth date or school date, please for assistance.
  • I don't want to pay with a credit card - On-line Registration must be paid for with a credit card.  If you have any questions please send an email to .
  • Question about Processing of Credit Card Payment - If you have any questions or issues with processing of credit card payments please and we will research it for you.
  • Help - None of these solve my problem!  For assistance send an email to  or