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WYSA Coach Registration

Thank you for volunteering to coach.  WYSA could not exist as an organization without volunteers like you.  If you are interested in coaching this season please use the on-line registration so that you can be properly affiliated (insured) with Mass Youth Soccer Association.  This is not the same as the CORI process.  See below for CORI information.

WYSA tries to place all coaches interested in coaching.  Some divisions are able to use all the coaches who volunteer, other divisions may have more coaches sign up than can possibly be placed, even for those who coached in previous years.  Coaches will be contacted prior to the start of the season.  Preference is given to coaches who are licensed. 
Click here for information on the Coach License Courses.  Coaches will be assigned to the same team as their child.

You will also need to register with Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association as an adult and register for a CORI check if you do not have a current CORI with MA Youth Soccer.  Click here for instructions to register with MA Youth Soccer.  

Steps to register as a coach

  • See below if you are a high school student interested in coaching

  • Go to on-line registration (use the link at the bottom of the page or select "Register Online" on the left)

  • For category select "Coaches"

  • Scroll down until you see the "Coach Registration" program

  • Click on "Begin Registration"

  • Sign in to your family account

    • use your email address on file and your family account password.  If you do not remember your password leave the password field blank and the system will email you a password. 

    • if you have forgotten your password and your email address has changed email for assistance.

    • if your children have ever registered with WYSA you do not need to create a new account.  Please use your existing account.

  • Once you have logged in you will see the list of your family members

  • Click on the green icon next to your name or the name of the person you are registering as a coach

    • If you see a red circle next to the name hold your cursor over the icon.  If it says "Not eligible due to program age limit" you may not have a date of birth on file.  On the far left side of the screen click on the tab for "Edit My Account."  Click on your name and then enter your date of birth and click on Submit.  Go back to the on-line registration and select the program for Coach Registration. If you still have problems please email your name and date of birth to for assistance.

  • There are two screens to the Coach registration process!
    • On the first screen please verify all of your information including your address, phone number and email address.  Once you have verified all of your information click on "Submit"

    • Complete all of the information on the second screen including what age groups you would like to coach, your child's name (so we can make sure we put them on your team), and your coaching experience.  Once you have entered all of the information click on Submit

      • If you are volunteering to coach a travel team for the Spring season please upload a passport style photo

  • Once you have completed both screens you will see the Registration Review screen with the following message "Registration is Complete. Your information has been recorded. Please review the data you provided in the listing below. If you see anything that you'd like to change or amend, click the buttons to return to the appropriate form. Otherwise, you're done."  If you did not get this message you did not complete both screens.

  • Click here to go to on-line registration!

High School Students Interested in Coaching
If you are under 18 and are volunteering to coach your parents will need to register you.  To do this your parent will need to login to their family account (using their email address and password). They will then follow the steps above and will complete the Coach's Registration form with your information (just as they would to register you as a player).  If you have ever played with WYSA you are already in our system - please do not create  a new account.

CORI Information
All Westford Youth Soccer Coaches (18 or older) are required to have background CORI checks.  The CORI checks are mandated by Massachusetts law.  You must submit your CORI information even if you have already had CORI checks through the Westford Schools, Boy Scouts or other organizations. 

Once you have registered with WYSA as a coach the confirmation email you receive will have information and a link to register with Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association.  All adults ages 18 and older need to be registered year with Massachusetts Youth Soccer.