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Contact Tracing and Player Check-ins

It is important that coaches know who attends practices and games for contact tracing purposes. It is also important that no player practices when they are sick.

A coach must record who comes to games and practices. (This includes which coaches attended games and pracrtices.) You can use a simple piece of paper on a clip board or a smart-phone app to record the players and coaches that attend practices and games. It is important to know who attends in case you need to contact them later. After you leave the game or practice, you will record attendance on teh WYSA web site.

Recording Attendance on the WYSA Web Site

  1. After practice, sign in to the WYSA site - http://www.leagueathletics.com/?org=westfordyouthsoccer.com
  2. Click Teams > Choose a Team and navigate to your team.
  3. Click Schedule.
  4. Click Show All Events. This view will show you every event in the calendar. This includes, practices, games, holidays, coach training events, everything. Practices that you entered for your team will have a “thumbs up” box in the actions column. For example:


5. Click the thumbs up button and indicate which players and coaches attended (thumbs-up) and which players and coaches didn’t attend (thumbs-down). When you’re finished you should have everyone on your team in the Attending or Not Attending columns:



Note: When players RSVP to practice reminders, this is the same table that records those RSVPs. Edit the entries to match the attendance records you took on the field; they may be different than what is in the table.

Player Check-ins on Arrival

Upon arrival, coaches should inquire how athletes are feeling, and send them home if they believe they are acting or look ill.  If the athlete has any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 they should be sent home and instructed to contact their healthcare provider. Players and coaches will not be allowed to return to training until they are cleared by a healthcare provider. A doctor’s note must be provided.