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Coaches Code of Conduct

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Westford Youth Soccer Association (WYSA)

Coach Agreement

Important Dates

  1. Fall season runs from the end of August through the first week in November.

  2. Spring season runs from the end of March through the middle of June, except Memorial Day weekend.

  3. Regular season games are played on Saturday (ages 6-14) or Sunday (ages 15+).

  4. Teams will practice 1-2 times per week.

Coach Expectations

  1. Coaches are responsible for the safety of their players. Ensure that your field surfaces, field equipment, player equipment, and training activities are safe.

  2. Be positive! Provide a positive learning environment for the players and allow them to have FUN.

  3. Promote fair play, good sportsmanship, and good citizenship. Always be a positive role model.

  4. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players and spectators.

  5. No coach, player, or spectator shall dispute decisions made by the referee.

  6. No coach, player, or spectator shall use profane language.

  7. Communicate practice/game times to your parents and players in a timely manner.

  8. Be on time for practices and games (30 minutes prior for games or as specified).

  9. Never leave the field before your last player.

  10. Be equal and fair with playing time.

  11. There is a zero-tolerance policy regarding the use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco products at any WYSA event (see WYSA Alcohol, Drug, Tobacco Policy).

Do NOT be a player’s last coach. You do NOT want to be the reason a child gives up on a sport.

The 24 Hour Rule: Parent/Guardians may request a meeting or discussion with the Coach or Age Director. Such a meeting however shall not take place until a minimum of 24 hours after the request has been made and a minimum of 24 hours after a game.

I am committed to making a positive impact on this team and will fulfill the above expectations.