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Westford Youth Soccer Association’s Use of MYSL’s Town Player Pass program

The Town Player Pass Program (TPPP) was created by the Middlesex Youth Soccer League (MYSL) for voluntary use by member towns.  While the rules are posted on both the WYSA and MYSL web sites and those rules are clearly defined, each Town has flexibility in how the program is administered.  This document defines the WYSA protocols for administering TPPP.


The primary purposes for using TPPP shall be to:

  1. Create opportunities for players on lower level teams to play on higher level teams in order to determine whether those players are able play at the higher level.
  2. Assist teams that are shorthanded by providing players to prevent forfeits.


As identified in the MYSL Guidelines and supported by WYSA, the primary purpose of TPPP is to create development opportunities for players and to create a “Town” mentality over individual “team” goals.  Decisions made in accordance with this Program should be based on collaboration and cooperation for the good of WYSA and its members.


  1. Each Season the WYSA Board will vote on whether to participate in TPPP.
  2. If the Town elects to participate, either the WYSA President will designate or the WYSA Board will vote on or designate a Town Administrator for the Program (any Board member familiar with the Program).
  3. The Town Administrator for TPPP will act as the liaison between WYSA and MYSL.  All matters relative to TPPP will be communicated from the Age Directors to the Town Administrator and vice versa.  The Town Administrator will communicate use of TPPP to the MYSL Registrar and copy the Travel Coordinator, Age Directors and coaches involved.
  4. The deadline for communicating use of TPPP and the players involved to the Town Administrator is 9:00 AM on game day.


Although the selection process should involve a collaborative discussion between the coach needing players, the coach providing players and the appropriate Age Directors, the final decision regarding player selection shall rest with the Age Director of the Division providing the player(s). The protocols for identifying and selecting players to participate are as follows:

  1. A coach determines that his/her team will be shorthanded and sends an email to his/herAge Director requesting use of additional players through TPPP:  OR

An Age Director determines that a player playing on a lower level teams merits playing up to determine whether the player can play at a higher level.

  1. The Age Director should obtain the following information:
  • From the coach needing players – The coach should identify position(s) most affected by missing players.  If the coach also has an opinion on what lower or same division player might be able to help his team the most, he should also communicate that to the Age Director.
  • From the coach providing players – The coach should identify players best suited to participate in TPPPand the rationale behind his/her evaluation.  The coach should identify each player’s primary position of strength and indicate whether those players attend practices and games regularly (or any reason that would prevent players from doing so).  If any of the players are particularly hard working or disruptive, that should also be communicated.
  • The Age Director will take the above information into consideration, discuss further with the coaches if necessary, determine availability of the player(s) with the team coach providing the players and make a final decision.

NOTE:  All players that participate in TPPP MUST agree to play for their primary team AND the TPPP team on the day they play for the TPPP team.  Players cannot choose to play for the TPPP team and miss their regularly scheduled game on the same day.  Failure to comply with these rules may result in the player not being allowed to participate in TPPP for the remainder of the season.


EXCEPTIONS may be considered at the discretion of the Age Director and will be forwarded to the TPPP Administrator for final disposition.  All decisions will be made in accordance with rules established by MYSL and the flexibility allowed under those established guidelines.

SUBMISSION FORMAT (see in BOLD below – submitted by Age Director to Westford TPPP Coordinator prior to the TPPP game):

Westford GU14-1 (Division 1A) plans to use Town Player Pass on Saturday, September 9, 2015 vs. Wilmington GU14-2 (Game #923776). 

Town Player Pass player:  Carli Lloyd
Team:  Westford GU14-2
Division:  2B
Coach:  Pia Sundhage 

Player not playing:  Alex Morgan
Team:  Westford GU14-1
Division:  1A
Coach:  Jill Ellis 

Expected date of use:  9/9/15