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Change of field for this week
by posted 04/05/2021


Hello players and parents,


We have just been informed that our field has been changed to Jack Walsh for the practices this week. We will be practicing on field 7B, which is near the REAR parking lot (top left of the picture below). We will meet at 5pm.

See you then.

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First practice tomorrow!
by posted 04/05/2021

Good evening players and parents,

We just heard that we can practice at the Nutting field this week on Tuesday and Thursday from 5 - 6.15pm. The field is on Nutting Rd., look it up on the WYSA site for directions.

We're going to have some fun, get to know each other, and see how much energy we can work off.

Please bring the following:

  1. Shin guards (required) - if you don't have them, come anyway 
  2. A mask (required)
  3. Enthusiasm (absolutely necessary)
  4. A size 4 ball
  5. Cleats (strongly suggested)
  6. Water (definitely needed)
  7. A dark shirt and a white shirt - so we can have a scrimmage

If you can't make it that is understandable, but let me know either way (we're trying to sort out communication issues).

There are some parents who are not receiving messages through this bulletin board, so I will try to send this email separately as well till that gets fixed.


Hoping to see you all tomorrow,

Your coaches - Antony, Tim, Noel, Ray, (and part-timer Ben)











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by posted 04/04/2021

Good morning Parents and Happy Easter.


There are 23 boys on our roster for this spring. I sent out an email last monday, and got acknowledgements from just 9 of the parents. For the rest of you, please let us know your plans so that the coaches can plan accordingly.

One parent sent me an email saying that they had not received the jersey number. These were sent out about 2 1/2 weeks ago, as well as instructions to reach out to the Age Director if you hadn't received it. You can look her up and email her - her name is Jenn Smagula (home page/league contacts - http://www.westfordyouthsoccer.com/Contacts.asp?n=27699&org=westfordyouthsoccer.com).

Emails are sent out using a bulletin board. If you are not receiving emails, or would like someone else to be added to the email notifications, then please update your contact information (see directions on the Parents/players page - http://www.westfordyouthsoccer.com/Page.asp?n=27697&org=westfordyouthsoccer.com). Your coaches cannot do this for you.

We might start unofficial practices this week if possible, your timely responses are expected.

I will send this email as well from my personal email address, but it takes a lot of manual copy/paste which I do not intend to do in future.

Here is the list of players on our team.

Almeida, Michael
Aquino, Jayden
Awasthy, Vansh
Danzig, Judah
Dhar, Shivay
Dorn, Sebastian
Godavarti, Vineeth
Koski, Carter  (Lk)
Lareau, Nicolas
Mason, Gregory
Mehra, Rishabh
Merritt, Evan
Neupane, Aakrit
Oh, Andrew
Onasch, Chase
Palmer, Jonathan
Parthibhan, Sarangan
Patel, Myan
Patel, Tej
Patel, Vir
Sserebe, Matthew
Thangavel, Akilesh
Thivaharraja, Shane


Thank you.

Coach Noel.



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