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Practice on Wednesday & Thursday night - starting earlier
by posted 10/25/2020

Good evening parents,

We had a great time and a fun game yesterday. We were scheduled to play the same team as last weekend, so to liven things up we mixed players from both teams, and it was much more engaging.
Here are some of the highlights:
  • Akhilesh got his goal! So now every player on the team has scored at least once
  • Not that we're keeping track, but Vineet got a hattrick of hattricks. This was the third game in which he scored 3. One was a beauty into the side of the net
  • We saw some excellent offense/defense - one that comes to mind was that Matt was matched up against Meher for a few of the periods, and Meher did not give him any ground. I think Matt did score eventually, with his customary restraint (left foot only)
  • Michael got a beautiful goal - chipped in where the goalie couldn't reach it
  • We also saw some great passing from Nathan and Joe. Joe played better as goalie with the sun in his eyes 🙂
  • Parker and Ethan (not our regular team members) had a good time, passing, scoring, and teaming up with our boys
  • Josh and Chase were not around, but Lydia (Chase's sister) who practiced with us one evening played for our team. And she did really well - great passing and creating open spaces on the field
The boys have decided to call their team Triangle Formation, which refers to positioning on the field to keep passing lanes open. Don't be surprised if you hear them yell that out during the game, it may sound either like encouragement or a battle cry 🙂.
Practices are on Wednesday and Thursday this week, same place earlier time. We'll try to get there at about 4.30 and end close to 6pm. And our game on Saturday is at 10.30.
Coach Tim, Ken, Noel


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